The kudus are very tame. One seldom has to exceed 100m.  The rest of the game are shot between 150m and 300m.  The hunters that only hunt on foot, are getting much closer to the animals.

Yes, we have a fully equipped butchery on the farm.  The equipment includes an industrial saw, 42mm mincer, vacuum machine (supply your own bags) and two sausage fillers.  No additional costs are charged for using the facility.

Yes.  When you apply for your South African meat permit, you have to include horns, skins ect on the permit.  In Botswana you will obtain an export permit from the Wildlife Department at a minimum fee. The farm management will assist to arrange for the Botswana permit.

Yes, the farm have a .300 and a shotgun. The tariff is P200 per day for the riffle and P60 per round if you use our ammunition.